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We are a pioneering and innovative HTH student initiative – a non-for profit foundation focused on students who are studying Hospitality Management within the Netherlands. Our goal is to collaboratively make all future hospitality leaders aware of the importance of mental wellbeing.


Therefore, our primary goal is to bring about greater awareness, seeking to remove the stigmas associated with mental well being within young people, establishing networks of support and providing advice within our institutions through our program of iamtheSAME and Student Wellbeing Days ©2019


Our focus is on supporting students to grow into despite setbacks enabling them to become  future leaders By donating to SAME  you contribute to making this possible.

One-time Donation

You can make a one-time donation, where there will be are no future commitments or agreements. You can either use the donation module on the fundraising page. These donations are partially tax-deductible. You can read the conditions on the Dutch tax authorities’ website.

In the name of Stichting: Student Awareness of Mental Health in Education


Periodic Donation

Periodic donations are even easier now! Since January 1st 2014 a notary is no longer needed to make a regular donation to a charity. The charity does need to have the ANBI status. A model tax agreement, easily downloadable on the Dutch tax authorities’ website, can be sufficient.

The big advantage of a regular donation to a charity with the ANBI status is that it is, unlike a normal donation to a charity, fully deductible in the income tax.

Dutch Tax Authorities

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