I am at HOME

From SAME a Student Foundation

We know that spending the majority of your time indoors is tough for your Mental Wellbeing.


That's why we've compiled this page for you with activities and tips on how you can work on your Mental Wellbeing during this period.

On behalf of all of us at SAME we wish you and your loved ones all the best and will do everything we can to help in these trying times.

IamatHome Morning Show

Because it is now more important than ever to come together. We've started a morning show where everybody is welcome to join Only now we've made it completely digital. Join us every Wednesday at 8:00PM (CEST) and share what's on your mind, or simply listen in. You are welcome to join because we are all the SAME

Wellbeing At Home

Whether you are in a house with students, family or by yourself these videos might give you some tips and advice on how to make the most out of your position.

The Happiness Index is a helpful tool that can help you find and understand what's bothering you.

Happiness Index